Friday, May 3, 2013

Critique of the Buzzfeed article “Golfer Bubba Watson Praises Chris Broussard's Anti-Gay Comments” by Kevin Lincoln

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Note, how the context of this article revolves around the decision Jason Collins made to public share his sexual orientation—which is totally his right—but makes a distinct point to say, in reference to Bubba Watson and his recent Twitter activity, “…as he has gone to great pains to point out, a Christian.” 


Now, without even taking a side on this issue, I can clearly note some serious bias in this article. When referring to Bubba Watson’s religious beliefs “great pains to point out” sounds very much like “this dude is public sharing his religious beliefs and shoving them down everyone’s throats.”  Watson’s single tweet that is being dissected in this brief article states: “Thanks @Chris_Broussard for sharing your faith & the Bible! #Godisgood.” (4/30/13)


While I hate hash tags, and while I most certainly DO NOT HATE homosexual men and women, I do feel that it is a bit hypocritical to shame Bubba Watson for expressing his opinion. One of the few main points in this article claimed that “…today, Watson became the first professional athlete to use Jason Collins' coming-out to criticize homosexuality.”  


The ten or so words Bubba tweeted did not seem like an attack of homosexuals to me. I understand that some people did not appreciate Chris Broussards comments on ESPN and even some people that share his beliefs may feel like it was not PC. HOWEVER, implying that it is not ok for Bubba to express gratitude towards a fellow Christian for sharing their beliefs is not ok. 


I also find it ironic that further down in the article they mention Mike Wallace and call his recent  anti-gay tweet “boneheaded,” but excuse him because 1. He deleted it and 2. His tweet occurred on April 29, a full day before Bubba’s did and therefore he DID NOT HAVE AS MUCH TIME TO CONSIDER WHAT HE WAS ABOUT TO TWEET. 


Soooo... Wouldn’t that make Mike Wallace the first professional athlete to use Jason Collins' coming-out to criticize homosexuality? 


Listen, I am not anti-gay, anti-Jason Collins, or anti-sports (maybe a little,) but it seems to me that the internet (and our culture in general) is very anti-Christian. It’s ok to publically talk about being gay, being straight, being into fetishes (especially on Buzzfeed,) being into meat, being vegan, being Muslim, being generally spiritual, being any other religion in the world, BUT as soon as someone in the public eye talks about being a Christian it’s suddenly taboo, and offensive and not PC. 


Christians are not all Westboro Baptist Church crazies. It is possible to be a Christian and not hate everyone who isn’t—I know plenty of perfectly fine and pleasant and loving Christians, if you’re doubtful, I could introduce you to some. Believe it or not, I even have a gay friend who voted for Mitt Romney!!!  It should also be Ok for people to express beliefs that may contradict the popular public opinion, the minority opinion or even your personal opinion. 


I do not believe Bubba Watson had malicious intent when he tweeted the aforementioned tweet the other day, but if the writer of this article was offended by his remarks, he has the right to be, but he should also have been equally offended by Mr. Mike Wallace’s remarks, that got written off more easily as “boneheaded” probably because they did not have any religious affiliation.

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