Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today I feel good. This could be due to the following facts:
·         I’ve lost 6 pounds this week.
·         It is gorgeous outside (again!)
·         After almost 2 months of unemployment (sans unemployment checks,) I now have two jobs that I am pretty sure I will enjoy and that will allow me to save lots of money.
Let’s Talk About Skinny:
I am not that girl who goes around telling people she’s so fat in order to evoke to PC usual response, “No way! You look super thin! [I can’t tell that you’ve gained 30 pounds!]” It’s always a lie, and when people do that to me, I feel really uncomfortable; if you’re fat—enjoy it, embrace, or lose it. I know that the right thing to do is say that everyone is beautiful no matter what their size, and I know that there are some gorgeous heavy women out there, just like there are some beautifully challenged thing women. I do not care either way—all I know is that if I didn’t get thin again, I would have to throw out A LOT of clothes, and frankly, I don’t have the money for an entire stretch wardrobe.
Even Hollywood has a few women that might weigh more than 115 pounds—rare as they are, they exist; the only problem with their existence is that they become poster women for people who are not in the range of 6% body fat; they are constantly referred to as “one of Hollywood’s most womanly figure,” “the starlet who’s not afraid to eat,” or the Weight Watcher’s spokesperson. Did anyone ask Jennifer Hudson about anything besides her weight loss at the Oscar’s? No. Hollywood doesn’t accept these women as perfectly beautiful, because they can’ stop talking about how perfectly different they are.

So I got down to business. I have been working out every morning, and though I’m a little embarrassed to admit this—the Wii fit has me really motivated; it tells me I’m fat, how much weight I need to lose, tracks my progress, and gives me ides for more intense workouts when I’m done with the Wii stuff. I usually do some yoga to stretch out before some cardio and then some strength/core training. I bought an 8 lb medicine ball at Wal-Mart and it’s awesome. I also started eating healthy—lot’s of fruits and veggies and protein; I also make sure I get one glass of milk in a day and some whole grains. I feel pretty good. My mom decided to get Chinese for dinner last night, so ate a little bit on a dessert plate instead of a dinner plate to manage my portions. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be.
Lastly, I got out my THINSPIRATION. Pictures of me with protruding collar bones in bikinis and tiny Hollister pants are everywhere, so I remember how good I looked and feel bad if I get off track.
Sunny in Southern Jersey:
Not too much to say about the weather except it’s warm and sunny and awesome. I’m spending the day with B, and trying to figure out what to do outside.

Money Honey:
The first job offer I accepted yesterday was for an FT office manager position at a geothermal drilling company (What is it with me and energy conservation? I’m not sure, especially since I partake in few to no green activities.) The other is a PT position at a local spa as their social networking/marketing administrator; that is a made up name for a nameless position, but I think it sounds pretty cool. The owner is talking about giving me a company phone so that I can literally answer Tweets, Face book comments, etc. all day on a Blackberry Storm. Pretty cool, huh?
I am not getting ahead of myself yet, because I know how the business world works, and what seems awesome today might not be feasible or tangible tomorrow—that’s why I have 2 jobs.
So after a month of sitting around my house, eating because I’m bored, and having no money things are looking up for me. I was driving with my windows down and sunglasses on, and I decided that when I get rich, I’m going to buy myself an Audi. With EZ Pass. That will be the life. J

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