Thursday, September 8, 2011


A good friend’s wedding is this weekend, and I am still dress-less. It completely slipped my mind that I’ll be reading the Bible passage during the ceremony, so I need to look good while I’m doing it! Also, I want Brian to see me in this dress and think “Wow, I have a hot girlfriend.”

I went to Marshall’s (usually my #1 store) and found nothing. Then I went through all 3 floors of Macy’s— Nothing. I even went to H&M—some things, but nothing very WOW! I went into BCBG Max Azria in the Walk last night, in the pouring rain, and was helped by a very perky, helpful fitting room drill sergeant. She had me in about 15 dresses, and one stood out.

I really liked this dress when I put it on. It fit really well, and you can never go wrong with B&W.
It was on sale already for $220, and everything in the store was 50% off—so the dress is now $110. I have a few pairs of shoes that will go, so I’m not too worried about that, but I need some opinions. I’ve always tried to put off higher prices purchases (especially clothing) for a day or 2 so I can think about it. If it keeps popping up in my head, then I know I wasn’t just about to compulsively spend money because I was in a store, and then if I go back and it’s still there in my size, I usually get it.  

·         It is hot.
·         It is stretchy (in the top especially, so I can eat fancy wedding dinner, and it will expand with me.)
·         It is camouflaging of little tummy chub, because of all the bandaging allusions. Also, if I eat too much, the A-line puffy bottom pretty much hides everything anyway.
·         It’s a simple color scheme.
·         It reminds me of a cupcake.

·         It is wrinkly. You can’t tell by the picture, but the bottom half is taffeta and it was super wrinkly when I tried it on. The sales girl told me she would steam it for me, and it would help, but as soon as I get into a car or something, it’ll probably be wrinkly again—it didn’t look awful, just not perfect, like in this picture.
·         It’s $110
·         If I buy it, it’s final sale. There are no returns at BCBG.
·         It reminds me of a cupcake.

So this is where you few readers of my blog come in! What’s your opinion?? It’s on hold at BCBG until tonight at 8pm when they close. I have the rest of the day to make a decision. Tonight is my last shopping night, because tomorrow I have the rehearsal dinner (separate dress for that occasion—casual, grey Cynthia Rowley,) and Saturday is the wedding. To buy, or not to buy (and if not, where do I go look for another dress?!)

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