Friday, September 16, 2011

Girl's Night Out is Finally Here!!!

IT’s HERE!!!!

Today is officially “Girl’s Night (and late afternoon and early tomorrow morning) Out!”

What started off as 4 girls in a 2 double bed room has now expanded to 7 girls with a couple of air mattresses in the room—and I am so excited.

What should have started off as a relaxing day off of work, sleeping in and lounging, became a caffeine induced nightmare.  Brian bought me a couple of “Happy Pills” from the Vitamin Shoppe. Literally—they’re 2 tablets in a little package called “Happy Pills” that have stuff in them to make you feel good and energized—herbal stuff like St. John’s Wort and caffeine etc.

I needed to go to the bank and then to the post office to cash a money order and deposit a check. News Flash! The bank was just bought over by another bank—my debit card stops working at 3pm today and the new one I get doesn’t start working until Monday. Awesome. Then I go to the post office by my house (it’s a post office money order, so you can only cash it at the post office,) and they do not have the $192 dollars to give me.

I eat a breakfast sandwich, take one of the two happy pills, and head to the gym, frustrated, but not willing to get pissed off on my good day yet. I was told by the manager of the gym that the class I want to take starts at 10:30, so I spend my first 30 minutes at the gym on the treadmill waiting for the class to start. Kathy Lee was on TV talking about Brazilian waxes, and it was disturbing. Then It’s time for class so I walk upstairs, panting, and am unable to find the room or anyone who knows what they’re talking about. 10 minutes later I find out there is no class, so I just hit the weight room instead. Half way through my intense work out, I get dry mouth, and my heart is racing faster than usual. Whatever, I’m just working out extra hard, I thought. By the time I get to my last stations I’m feeling light headed and seeing spots. I quit a few minutes earlier and head to the car—really hot and jittery—then I realize that it was the STUPID HAPPY PILL that is making me feel like crap!! I’m so not happy at that moment. Thank goodness I took 5 dum-dums from the bank while I was there, because I needed the sugar to help me feel less light headed on my way home.

There’s another post office on my way home, so I stop in trying to cash my money order—surprise! They don’t have the cash. Now I’m annoyed, sweaty, and breathing really funny, with no cash in my pocket. I don’t understand why the post office issues such money orders if they never have the cash to fulfill them. I am about to go to the mall to pick out an outfit for tonight and the lawn mower that Brian bought from Sear’s yesterday. I have high hopes for tonight, but I do feel like I’m tweaking a little bit still. WISH ME LUCK!

By the way, did I mention that I traded cars with my mom so we can all take one car for girl’s night? Well, I’ve been feeling very Juno-y all day, because I’m driving around a red minivan that is so much more frustrating to drive than my Jeep. This day can only get better.

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