Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Day Weekend Heaven

Three Day Weekend Heaven

This weekend has been wonderful. Brian finished work on Friday at a decent time, and after taking an extra long shower, shaving my legs, waxing, and giving myself a mani/pedi, I met up with him at his house and proceeded to drink half of a bottle of Korbel [Brut.] I wasn’t going anywhere, I was just enjoying sitting on the couch nursing a slice of pizza, drinking my champagne, and watching his mom show off her new aerobic moves.

The next morning, Duane showed up and we set off for Vernon, NJ to go water parking at Mountain Creek Water Park. The day felt more like fall than a day fitting to splash around in cold, mountain stream water, but Brian and I are alike in the way that when we’re looking forward to something, little can keep us from it. The whole ride up we watched the thermostat in his car fluctuate, dropping from 78 degrees to 76 (oh no, SEVENTY SIX?!)— back to 78, 74(WHAT?!?! Don’t go lower!) and at its lowest, 73(OH MY GOSH! IT WENT LOWER!) Just as Brian was getting really worried about freezing his butt off at the park, we passed a small business that said “SWIM SALE” on a large sign outside. We pulled in, and Brian crossed his fingers, hoping they sold rash guards (He thought they were meant to keep you warm… hence the name—rash guard. Brian is always so cold, he wears a wet suit every time he surfs—no wonder he didn’t know what a rash guard was for.)

SIDENOTE: Anyone reading this who surfs, skates, snowboards, or just likes wearing those sport brand name clothes—if you ever get the chance to buy from this place—do it! It’s a great small business, owned and operated by two guys in the mid to late twenties. Their prices are already competitive, but they’re also open to making you deals. Our total purchase came to $40 (for a new rash guard and a cute winter hat for me!) The owner gave us $20 off our purchase, which was already lower than suggested retail value. Great product at great prices with great service. I’m all about supporting small business, so check this place out if you ever get the chance! (That’s the end of my sales pitch.)

We had a great day at the water park, stopped at Panera Bread on the way home, and I fell asleep early after a good, exhausting day. Sunday we lounged around the house most of the day, after running a couple of errands. I took a dip in the pool to cool off when it got really hot, and set to work on an art project I’ve been planning for a couple of weeks. It got overwhelming, so then I quit. That night we had birthday dinner for Brian’s dad. I split another bottle of champagne [my new, classy drink of choice] with Brian, and went to bed at nine o’clock.

Today was the last day of my three day weekend. I hope everyone else had as good of a Labor Day Weekend as I did. I hung around the house, watched a Denzel Washington movie, stopped at a friend’s birthday BBQ, and finally completed my art project! The only thing left on my to-do list from this week is to buy a dress for a wedding I have coming up this weekend (Yay Jess & Tommy!) QUESTION: What’s the deal with matching your better half at a wedding? Is it too much like prom? Help!

Want to know what’s great about tomorrow? As much as it’s going to SUCK going back to work after a three day weekend, my job recently switched banks, and I think the bank is trying to brown nose us pretty good, because they’re providing us with HOT breakfast tomorrow, and I CANNOT WAIT! It’s funny how something like breakfast will make my day so much better tomorrow. I feel pretty lucky when my biggest complaint is having to wake up at seven am. I’m so thankful for my job, my friends and family—especially the ones I can always count on to show up when they say they will. I’m thankful that my job lets us stay home for a paid holiday today, and I’m thankful that Brian is a hard worker and he woke up at 3:30 am today to go to work without complaining. SIDENOTE: Everyone out there who prays, please keep him in mind! He has an interview for a teaching job this week, and if that doesn’t work out, he’s taking the police academy entrance exam. He’s working so hard, and I just want him to feel accomplished and happy with what he’s doing.

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